Sports Hub Edmonton Renew Partnership with TSE Consulting

May 11, 2012

Edmonton in Canada, which has played host to major sports events in the past thirty years has agreed an extension to their partnership with TSE Consulting.

Working together now for over two years, TSE Consulting and Edmonton, Canada are set to continue their relationship through to 2013.

Edmonton, a premier destination for sports events for over thirty years, appointed TSE to develop a fifteen year sports event strategy (2011-2026) that would enable the city to identify, attract and host major international sports events that would drive results in meeting the various socio-economic objectives of the city.

TSE is now assisting Edmonton in the implementation of the strategy as well as advising them on how to activate upcoming events to generate social benefits; such as the inaugural Edmonton International Athletics Festival in June, the Women’s Baseball World Cup in August and the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Edmonton remains at the forefront of international event host cities and will be at SportAccord in Quebec City in May where it will be leveraging its Silver level sponsorship status and discussing event partnership opportunities with International Sport Federation representatives.

Candice Stasynec, Executive Director of the City of Edmonton, says: “TSE’s assistance has been valuable in helping us set our direction for the coming years and build the right relationships. Their experience with working with cities around the world continually provides us with new perspectives and ideas. We look forward to continuing our work together.”

Dale Neuburger, TSE Director North America, says: “Edmonton is a unique and experienced city with a strong reputation that ensures that each event is a success. The focus is also ensuring that the success of the event goes beyond its organisation and provides concrete benefits to the local community. We are honoured to be continuing our work with Candice and her team and look forward to building an even stronger Edmonton for the future.”

Read Lars Haue Pedersen’s (Managing Director of TSE Consulting) here>>