SPORT+MARKT and IFM Sports Joins Repucom

By Community | December 18, 2012

RSMG Insights subsidiaries, bronchi  SPORT+MARKT AG and IFM Sports GmbH will come under the REPUCOM banner in the first half of 2013.
All three companies are part of the RSMG Insights holding group, which is to unite its world-leading sports marketing research businesses under one global brand. As part of this process, IFM Sports and SPORT+MARKT’s offices in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium will operate as REPUCOM.
“For both our clients and our employees, this decision was the next logical  and sensible  step,” Marcel Cordes, President Europe of RSMG Insights, said. “It is in line with our objective of offering our clients truly global solutions and products combined with local market expertise and insight. A unified presence as REPUCOM will help us truly live up to our reputation as market and thought
leaders in our industry.”
The process of rebranding SPORT+MARKT and IFM Sports will be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2013. “We will infuse the  very positive image and experience possessed by SPORT+MARKT and IFM Sports with the global brand strength of REPUCOM,” Cordes added, before underlining:
“Aside from the name, little will change from our clients’ perspective. The rebrand will not impact on the contact persons, the standards of best practice, quality and speed we set ourselves on a daily basis, but it will allow us to offer a broader range of services. Over the past two years, we have successfully integrated our internal operations across the group and taken some significant steps to further consolidate our business. We believe the time is now  right  for us to take  on  a single, global
presence in the market.”
In November 2010,  REPUCOM and  SPORT+MARKT merged under the umbrella of the newlyformed RSMG Insights group. Following an acquisition in early 2012, IFM Group also joined RSMG Insights.