Sport+Markt & Repucom’s International Motorsport Summit uses as Networking Tool

February 23, 2012

As the leading research and consultancy companies in international sport business, SPORT+MARKT and REPUCOM International have utilised the reach of as a networking platform for their upcoming International Motorsport Summit. is the industry’s leading community portal combining social networking with the latest sports business news as well as events and job listings. The site will act as a virtual meeting room, enabling participants of the invitation-only March 1st conference to interact before and after the event in a secured way, thanks to the site’s Strict Door Policy.

The International Motorsport Summit, hosted at the legendary Nürburgring race circuit, brings together key players from across the global motorsport business. Hosts SPORT+MARKT and REPUCOM are delighted to introduce this new event series, responding to and designed specifically to meet the special requirements of the business of motor racing.

Among the questions being raised: where is motorsport going? Who are the target groups of the future and what can be done to generate and revive interest? With many different rights holders in this market, how can companies ensure they select the right engagement and maximise their ROI? Crucially, can investment in this business be effectively planned and its impact measured on a global scale?

These and an array of other interesting topics will be discussed and presented by renowned speakers from companies such as Volkswagen, Sauber Motorsport, Aston Martin, Chevrolet Europe, Adidas and JMI.

The pre- and post-conference programme, peppered with attractions, will provide the participants with outstanding networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. The congress itself will be hosted by renowned Formula1 moderator Wolfgang Rother.