SPORTELAmerica, The Unique Sports Marketing and Media Convention

January 10, 2017



SPORTELAmerica, will be held from 14 to 16 March 2017 in Miami and is the Convention of the entire Americas, uniting the world with the North,Middle and South American sports marketing and media industry. The Americas offer a versatile sports market, showcasing some of the most exciting sports leagues and contents of the world. SPORTEL brings together leading personnel from the sports marketing and media industries in an exciting way. 

The location of the Sportel spring event alternates between Asia and the USA. The last time in America was in 2015, when there were 689 attendees representing 355 companies from 41 countries. Although one aim is to facilitate access to the growing Latin America, the Miami edition is truly global. In 2015, 40% of the delegates were from North America, 11.5% from South America, 37% from Europe, 9% from Asia and the Middle East, 2% from Oceania and 0.5% from Africa.

 Over decades SPORTEL has received the highest respect of the “Sports Marketing and Media” industry.
 For 27 years SPORTEL features international decision makers, representing sports networks,Internet and social media, world federations, production and content right owners, as well as technology providers and marketing agencies, simply any business related to sports event and media business.
 All these big players unite annually to decide on how sports is marketed and watched in the homes of billions of people in the entire world.
David Jones, sales and marketing Director :
“With growing business opportunities throughout the Americas we aim to unite as many as possible and help develop sport as a business for media and marketing. For example we’ve seen governments throughout Latin America aiming to legalize sports betting. This development alone is a major opportunity for brands and sports organizations to be marketed and associated with sports, events and media. Further new media and modern tech such as VR and AR are on the forefront, which can be seen and met at SPORTELAmerica 2017”

“MEET THE ELITE” is a statement for guaranteed quality of high-level attendees! The “elite” are industry leaders that make it a point to attend SPORTEL as their prime business meeting every year!