SPORTEL Announces New Decision Makers Summit

March 15, 2017

The historic SPORTEL convention looks at close to 30 years of providing the most influential business meeting for the international sports marketing and broadcasting industry. With the headquarters in the Principality of Monaco, this unique annual meeting managed to unite the elite and still the world makes the effort to be at SPORTEL conventions every year. Exactly 20 years ago a new convention was born into the SPORTEL world, the spring convention SPORTELAmerica and soon after SPORTELAsia. The industry was in need of a meeting that was more territorial. The organization reacted, delivered and now 20 years later the SPORTEL Spring Conventions are an absolute necessity for the industry, building a bridge to better connect and build a future for sports.


With time comes change and the industry has seen new sports, federations and technologies that influence the industry. These influences and changes are often confusing and unsettling, as the speed of developments in the 21st century is hard to keep up with. Especially with building business and a future for sports, it’s governing bodies and it’s events. In respect to these fast developments and the need to deal with the business essentials, the industry is once again in need of a platform to concentrate all aspects, take a step back to actually deal with industry issues.


Once again SPORTEL delivers the solution with its new addition of the “SPORTELSummit”!


The SUMMIT is an unprecedented two-day meeting designed only for an exclusive circle of international deciders of the sports marketing and media industry, which stands out in a world of conferences and will help shape the industry for tomorrow. True to the SPORTEL values it will showcase an illustrious selection of presenters and speakers and provide attendees a new understanding of current and future industry affairs. This summit will provide the luxury to really “Meet The Elite” in special networking sessions and build new business relations with real deciding partners.


Only at SPORTEL’S DECISION MAKERS SUMMIT you will have the privilege to witness industry leaders that stand out and shape the industry. Celebrities, Influencers, Federation Presidents and Politicians will present new projects and speak about their side of the business, which will later be elaborated in detailed discussion sessions. In its surroundings one will find the popular networking space with exclusive meeting spots to meet with other attendees at your level.


The very first Decision Maker’s Summit will be the SPORTELAmerica SUMMIT in May 2018, welcoming the world leaders in it’s American base Miami. The charm of business and Miami will complement the style and quality SPORTEL is famous for.