Sportcal Presents IF Social Media Index at iSportconnect/ASOIF Digital Media & Technology Masterclass

September 29, 2015

Mike Laflin, doctor CEO of Sportcal, patient yesterday presented a unique analysis of the social media activity of the major international sports federations at the Digital Media and Technology Masterclass organised by ASOIF and iSportconnect in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Sportcal’s ground-breaking report, the Global Sports Impact Report 2015, analyses a wide range of impacts created by the major multi-sport games and world championships held in 2014.

Global Sports Impact Report 2015

One aspect of this report is the Media Impact of these major sporting events, and the social media reach of the governing bodies of these events.

FIFA is ranked the number one international federation in the social media analysis which looks across four social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

FIBA, with its hugely successful basketball World Cup in Spain, 2014 is ranked joint second with World Rugby.

The Rugby World Cup currently taking place in England is breaking all tournament records for social media activity. It is very likely that World Rugby’s ranking in the index will change dramatically by the end of 2015.

The Media Impact section of the Global Sports Impact Report 2015 looks at all aspects of media impact created by the major sporting events in 2014, including broadcasting, media rights, selected media landscapes, online and social media.

The social media analysis also includes a comparison with other major sporting organisations from a wide range of sports. The NBA is ranked number one across all sports organisations, followed by FIFA and UEFA.

The Digital Media & Technology Masterclass in Lausanne was organised by ASOIF in conjunction with iSportconnect.

The Masterclass brought together a wide range of international federations who discussed various aspects of their digital media strategies alongside a group of industry experts.

“For our International Sports Federations the digital landscape presents new and expanding opportunities for engagement both with their sports’ ‘hard-core’ fans and new audiences. We can reach more of these stakeholders in ways which were impossible not long ago and support a much closer and more interactive relationship. The Masterclass succeeded in presenting ASOIF’s members with state-of-the-art developments and offered practical advice as they further develop and refine their digital strategies.” Andrew Ryan, Director, ASOIF

“The Masterclass once again proved to be a big success in Lausanne and allowed for the International Federations (IFs) to openly discuss their digital strategies with their peers in the room. The event gave them the platform to discuss the growth of digital in the sports industry and the endless opportunities it presents. Our Masterclass events aim to bring industry experts together to learn from one another and that was certainly achieved.” Sree Varma, Founder & CEO, iSportconnect