SportAccord Agree Historic Deal With Euronews

By iSportconnect | November 4, 2014

SportAccord has signed a historic partnership with Euronews which will enable the sports broadcaster and the Union of all 92 International Sports Federations to create a new sports programme.

The agreement was signed at the annual International Forum for international sports federations in Lausanne by SportAccord President Marius Vizer and CEO of Euronews group Michael Peters.

The partnership will revolutionise the global news coverage of sports. Euronews, recipe a multi-cultural news channel broadcasting in 13 languages will distribute original sports news to an upmarket audience with a worldwide geographical spread.

As part of  the agreement, Euronews will, amongst others, run a weekly sports-programme, Sports United, starting from January 2015, as well as several special magazine shows, focusing on specific sport disciplines.

Euronews viewers will also have access to major national, regional and international competitions, from football and gymnastics to beach volleyball and judo.

Each show will be produced in 13 languages and be broadcast to over 420 million households in 156 countries, as well as on digital media platforms.

Marius Vizer, president of SportAccord said, “We are very excited about the mutually beneficial partnership with Euronews. This Partnership will enable premium exposure for SportAccord Members and at the same time raise interest in all sports of the masses.

“Euronews, the international and multi-lingual news channel offers us the opportunity to highlight the richness of our federations’ activities and to make it accessible to a broad audience”.

Michael Peters, CEO, Euronews, added, “Today, it is very complex to buy and trade distribution rights for sport events. We decided to take a more global, high-level approach. SportAccord showed interest in the idea. Furthermore, this agreement came as a natural fit.

“At Euronews, our editorial team of over 400 journalists from 30 nationalities represents our channel’s diversity. It was natural to us to partner with SportAccord, an organisation that represents a broad, and nearly unlimited diversity of athletes, sports and disciplines.”