SportAccord & IFPC Sign Fair Play Agreement

November 5, 2014

SportAccord has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement with the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC) for three years, generic which will aim to promote fair play in sports at all levels, abortion from grassroots to elite levels.

The MoU will see SportAccord and the IFPC cooperate with each other for encouraging meaningful sport and activities among all their members, including courses, projects and meetings.

The MoU also commits both parties to develop increased cooperation in the fields of fair play and solidarity. The IFPC will organize and run fair play activities for SportAccord members’ events, while also assisting them with creating their own fair play commissions.

SportAccord President Mr. Vizer said, “The signed agreement between SportAccord and the International Fair Play Committee represents a step forward for the two organizations in terms of extolment and recognition of fair play, inside or outside the world of sports.

“Those athletes proving high moral standards and fair play become the role models in the society for all generations. We want this partnership to be the preamble of a program supported by both organizations that aims to promote fair-play on all levels within the SportAccord community.” 

IFPC President Dr. Kamuti said, “This MoU will enable us to reach out to more than just Olympic sport federations. Our focus is beyond just elite sports and partnering with SportAccord will enable us to implement programmes and policies that can help society grow through sports.”