Sport Five to Market Team Hamburg in New Deal

December 12, 2013

Germany’s leading sports rights agency SPORT FIVE have signed an agreement with the Hamburg Foundation to continue the promotion of Team Hamburg, a group that helps generate interest in the city.

As part of the agreement, the Athletes will be supported financially on a monthly basis, in order to concentrate for the next world championships and Olympic Games to full training and competition can. Reinhard Wolf, CEO of the Foundation, hopes that the agreement a significant increase in the delivery rate.

“SPORT FIVE has proven specialists for the marketing of sports rights. The TEAM HAMBURG has already taken care of during the games in London for positive attention. We now hope that we can expand the top sports promotion in our city on through the professional marketing, “says Wolf. The management of the TEAM HAMBURG done by the Olympic base Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein, Team

“The Olympic Games are the greatest thing a competitive athlete can achieve in amateur sport. In the future, to be able to make a contribution to bring more hamburgers to the games and if possible medals, we are particularly pleased, “said Philip Hasenbein, Managing SPORT FIVE.