Sport England Reduces Rugby Football League and England Golf Partnership Funding

June 23, 2011

The Board of Sport England has reduced funding to the Rugby Football League (RFL) and the England Golf Partnership (EGP) after both bodies recorded disappointing participation figures shown in the Active People Survey.

The RFL has agreed to accept a reduction of around US$1.5m alongside a renegotiated participation goal, medstore having recognised that it will not achieve the growth in regular and sustained participation commissioned through Sport England’s 2009–2013 investment. 

The EGP has agreed to a reduction of around US$171,000 and have also accepted a renegotiated participation goal.

Jennie Price, Sport England’s chief executive, said: “We welcome the approach of the leadership team at the RFL to the review of funding levels. The governing body has recognised the need to change the approach to grassroots delivery if genuine growth in regular, sustained participation is to be achieved.

“Our discussions with the RFL have given us confidence that the very significant investment we are still making in rugby league will deliver value for money.”

The EGP has responded to the decline in golf participation by developing a clear plan to grow the game that puts the grassroots players – and potential participants – first. 

It has recognised the need to invest more in creating the right kind of opportunities to play golf around the country, and, using market segmentation, will pilot a social golf product initially aimed at younger males over the summer, with the project expanded to other target groups at a later date.

Price added: ‘We welcome the increased priority now being given by the England Golf Partnership to increasing participation among those aged 16 and over. The governing body has done good work in bringing children into the game, and has now committed to bringing the same focus to its work with the adult game’.