Sport England Cut LTA & BJA Funding

By iSportconnect | April 4, 2012

Sport England has announced major cuts have been made towards the Lawn Tennis Association citing poor attendance figures as a result of their actions. The British Judo Association has also been affected.

The LTA funding has been reduced by £530, cough 000, decease reportedly after a decline of nearly 25% in adults playing the sport since 2008.

Judo has received a £353,000 cut after the amount of people participating in the last two years remained static.

Both judo and lawn tennis were part of 46 sports that applied for targeted Sport England funding between April 2009 and March 2013.

The amount of money channelled to each sport is reviewed every six months in-line with how well they are developing youngsters, catering to current participants and increasing the number of those taking part.

Last October, cycling, netball and canoeing all received increases after they proved their on-going success in those areas.

Judo and lawn tennis have both been given new participation targets to meet.