Sport Buff Appoints beIN Media’s Jonty Whitehead As President

November 3, 2020

Sport Buff, the company leading next generation fan engagement and gamification for sports broadcast and media applications has announced the appointment of Jonty Whitehead, TV sports heavyweight and former Head of Sport for beIN Media (and formerly of Fox Sports and Sky Sports) as President of Sport Buff.

He will work closely with leading partners on growing global opportunities during this transformative time in sports broadcast.

Jonty Whitehead will lead Sport Buff’s adoption across traditional sports broadcasters, with Sport Buff’s unique interactive video overlay delivering fully interactive and engaging experiences around live gamification and sports betting over the top of live action. The technology delivers real-time challenges powered by sports data, letting fans wager with and against friends while watching live games.

“It is a really exciting time in the industry and Sport Buff are in a unique position to deliver next generation audiences and experiences to our partners.” Jonty Whitehead, President Sport Buff said.

“Sport Buff is expanding rapidly because of the innovative solutions it has developed that allow broadcasters, federations, sponsors, and esport platforms to engage with and benefit from the exponential growth in digital viewing with younger audiences.”

Benn Achilleas, CEO at Sport Buff said: “Jonty brings decades of absolute top-tier sports production and trusted production relationships. This combined with our award-winning technology and team is a perfect fit for partners looking to succeed in such a transformative period in Sports broadcasting.

“Together, we deliver the ultimate solution that directly engages sports fans, delivering greater retention, revenue, and data for our customers.”

Jonty Whitehead joins as Sport Buff are set to launch multiple new game integrations, including pool betting and real-time purchases with select customers including Fox Sports, Dreamhack/ ESL, and more, across North America, Asia and Europe in the coming weeks.