SPL Steps Closer to Two-Tier Reform

January 5, 2011

After talks were held yesterday (January 4) between representatives of all 12 Scottish Premier League (SPL) soccer clubs, it seems that plans to reformat the league are edging ever closer. Some members and fans were strongly opposed to the latest proposal of reducing the league back down to a top-10 tier but it appears that the decision is looking more and more likely.

Ralph Topping chairman of the SPL believes that the other radical change possibility of a 16 or 18-team League has been dismissed, “It’s two (divisions of) 10s or the status quo in my view. If you look at Scottish football, a 16-team League wouldn’t work economically and it would have a knock-on effect in terms of the quality of players you can attract” he said.

Stewart Milne chairman of Aberdeen soccer club revealed that no alternative to a 10-team top flight had been put forward at the meeting. “Each option has been fully evaluated and the one that delivers way above any of the others is a 10-team league,” he claimed.

St Johnstone chairman Geoff Brown added: “The meeting went well and I would be fairly confident of the two 10-team leagues. All we have had are discussions and every club can make their own minds up, but I would like to think we have a consensus.”

A vote will be taken on a reform package with the final decision set to be made on January 17 which could also include a winter break demanding an earlier start to the season.