SPL Reform Talks Should Pave Way for Imminent Vote Date

By Community | February 22, 2011

Scottish Premier League (SPL) club Aberdeen’s chairman, Stewart Milne stated that talks continued “to move in the right direction” with regards to a league it is expected that the SPL will shortly announce a date on which a vote will be taken over the potential reconstruction, after the 12 member clubs met at Hampden Park on Monday, February 21, for another round of talks.

Speaking of the most recent proposal for a top league of 10 and second tier of 12, Milne stated: “I’d be very disappointed if it did not go through.

Last month, SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster, who along with other officials other officials immediately entered a board meeting that could decide on a date for the vote, said consensus was being sought for a top league of 10 and a second tier of 12.

But some clubs still required convincing over the wisdom of a smaller SPL and the viability of plans to increase financial help for those suffering relegation, with the SPL was expected to present refined proposals to the clubs on Monday.

Milne spoke of the yesterday’s talks, adding: “I think they continue to move in the right direction.

“There is a bit more work to be done to get everyone totally behind it, but there is no other option on the table – we are still looking at the 10 and the 12.

“There will be a date hopefully lined up within the next two or three days and there’s further work to done on the document to bring all the elements together.

“And I would hope that, within the next four or five weeks, we would be able to get the clubs back together and take a vote on it.

“Not everyone plays their hand totally openly. There’s negotiations involved in these things and it’s finding that balance between self-interest and the interest of Scottish football and that’s where there is further work to be done.”


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