SPL CEO Hopes for SFL Merger ‘Sooner Rather than Latter’

February 25, 2011

Neil Doncaster, chief executive of the Scottish Premier League (SPL) has revealed that he remains hopeful that a merger with the Scottish Football League (SFL) will happen “sooner rather than later”.

Speaking after meeting managers to explain SPL plans to move to a top tier of 10 and second tier of 12, Doncaster stated: “I think moving to a different league structure will take more time and that certainly won’t be for this summer. But my hope is that we can move forward as one league structure sooner rather than later.”

The SPL’s present 12 clubs met on Monday, after which Doncaster’s working party has been assigned the task of revise the plan so that it can be put to a vote. As of yet it is unknown as to whether the few clubs whom previously opposed the 10-team top flight have now been persuaded to fall into line.

Doncasted spoke of the successful talks early this week, adding: “I was impressed with the quality of the discussion that we had. Ultimately, this whole plan is about people putting aside vested interests and trying to achieve something for the common good.

“And I re-emphasise the point that the model being put on the table is the only model that looks after all 42 clubs.

“While there was good debate and people had different points of view on the detail, I think the thrust of it was that people appreciated that we are trying to something on a bigger scale for the whole of Scottish football.

“On some issues some people have strong issues and on other small issues some people have views against and ultimately it is about taking a package and not dealing with things piecemeal.”

SFL chairmen last week voiced their opposition to proposals for a regionalisation of Divisions Two and Three – and Doncaster did not wish to speculate on how the SPL’s vote would go.