Speedway Motorsports Hires Sporting Innovations to Enhance Fan Interaction Around Motorsport Venues

October 1, 2014

Speedway Motorsports, ed Inc. (SMI) has selected Sporting Innovations, viagra buy a Kansas City-based sports technology company, to redefine and enhance the fan experience across its eight motorsports venues around the United States, which host some of the world’s largest events including NASCAR, INDYCAR, and NHRA race weekends.

SMI’s diverse portfolio of facilities provides the challenge of taking full advantage of each venue’s strengths in terms of events, market and audience while also maximizing the benefits of informational scale afforded in operating eight such venues across the country.

To address its challenges, Sporting Innovations will implement its FAN360 platform for SMI. FAN360 is a sports operating system that will centralize and consolidate all fan touch points and data systems across the SMI enterprise to provide a more comprehensive understanding of fans’ interests and behaviors, resulting in more tactful sales, marketing, and operations. Sporting Innovations and its FAN360 platform have been globally recognized for successfully redefining the fan experience for Sporting Kansas City fans and at its “living lab,” Sporting Park.

“What really attracted us to Sporting Innovations, and what we feel sets them apart from other providers was they were not just a vendor, but the company was born out of the need to grow a sports organization. The Sporting KC success story speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the Sporting Innovations platform,” said Mike Burch, senior vice president of national sales and marketing for Speedway Motorsports, Inc. “As we got to know the team, we really saw how our vision and values aligned, and we’re excited to not only be using their platform but also working with them in shaping its evolution.”

“During an event weekend, our speedways are full of fans, each with a variety of allegiances – different drivers, different sponsors, different manufacturers, different bands, different foods,” said Burch. “As we learn more about where a fan’s passions lies, we can provide them customized information based on what they are interested in. We can also use those interests and responses to determine what other types of experiences and entertainment they would prefer. Our challenge isn’t as much providing something for everyone, but more about letting them know when and where that thing they love is happening.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with SMI, our first partner in motorsports. The leadership at SMI has a tremendous vision for enhancing the fan experience, and its investment to build engaged and sustainable fan bases,” said Asim Pasha, co-founder and co-CEO of Sporting Innovations. “Together, we will continue to build a long-term technology strategy that will position SMI speedways as the best places to experience a live racing event.”