Speedo Extends USA Swimming Sponsorship But Loses Exclusivity

By Community | December 5, 2012

Extending one of the longest-running sport sponsorships, unhealthy which began back in 1985, Speedo will remain an Official Sponsor of USA Swimming and the exclusive sponsor of the Speedo Junior Nationals and Speedo Champions Series through to 2020.

Speedo will also continue to be a non-exclusive sponsor in the Technical Products (swimsuit, swim caps and goggles) category and the Performance Apparel categories.

Under the new long-term deal, USA Swimming (USAS) will continue to offer Speedo prime areas to brand with the USAS logo; but USAS has moved away from dealing on an exclusive basis. This reflects a changing world where multiple platforms – from TV to web, print and social media – mean that exclusivity makes less sense.

USAS has opened up dialogue with other swimwear brands and other non-endemic industry players. USA Swimming will now offer non-exclusive base sponsorships in the Technical Products area. These include the use of the term ‘Official Sponsor’ of USA Swimming and the rights to use USA Swimming’s marks on the sponsor’s products in certain categories.

These categories are being or have been created within USA Swimming’s marketing structure. Areas open to brands include Technical Equipment (swimsuits, caps, goggles), Performance Apparel, Athletic Footwear, Training Aids, as well as Airlines, Lodging, Computer Technology and Rental Cars.

“USA Swimming’s relationship with Speedo USA is a vital part to our organization,” said Matt Farrell, USA Swimming Chief Marketing Officer. “Their support has been invaluable to our organization since its inception and we look forward to our continuing our relationship well into the future.”

“By working together, USA Swimming and Speedo have done so much to grow the sport of swimming,” Farrell added. “Our organization has more members than ever and we still haven’t seen the final numbers for our post-Olympic growth. We’re excited to continue the partnership with Speedo and we are confident that our combined efforts can continue to grow the sport here in the US.”