South African Sports Confederation & Olympic Committee Re-Elects Gideon Sam as President

November 26, 2012

South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) has re-elected Gideon Sam as President for another four year term at the Quadrennial General Meeting at Olympic House on Saturday.

Sam, capsule who was first elected President in 2008, allergy was elected unopposed for another four years after Dr Irvin Khoza withdrew just over a week before the elections.

In terms of the First and Second Vice-president the status quo remained unchanged for the next four years as Ms Hajera Kajee and Mr Les Williams were returned to their positions. Other nominations for the Vice-Presidency were Wimpie du Plessis, Colin Webster and Kirsten Nematandani.

Also at the meeting, five Board members were elected. Of the 25 original nominations, there were seven withdrawals.

The new Board members who will serve for the next four years are: Ms Keikabile Motlatsi, Mark Alexander, Themba Hlatsho, Kobus Marais and Mubarak Mohamed.

Alexander, Marais and Mohamed also served on the Board for the last term of office.

The electoral process was overseen by Deloitte’s electoral officer Bester Greyling and 82 members of SASCOC accounted for a voting strength of 158.

Speaking at Saturday’s QGM Sam said he would continue with renewed focus on key areas for the next four years.

“Our focus for the next four years will be to strengthen the province’s structures because we are still only scratching the surface when it comes to talent.

“We will continue to assist our coaches and make sure that the councils work in the various provinces. Also, we will strive to build our communications platform to spread the sports word far and wide.

“At all times there must be total accountability. Once again we will fight side by side with the Sports Ministry and Honorable Sports Minister Mr Fikile Mbalula for a better funding model. Even if we have to go against the grain with government we have to. Some of our Federations are dying and we need to escalate the fight in this regard.

“Let us start to flex our muscles as a sporting movement. Let us shake the tree and start seeing some fruit!”

Sam also called for greater unity in the nation’s sporting administration structure. “I call on all our leaders to settle their differences. There’s no doubting sport is a cut-throat business but we cannot afford all these disputes amongs the federations. They are derailing us, there are bigger issues.

“But we need to hold hands and move forward for the next four years and beyond.’

Speaking at the elections Minister Mbalula said he backed SASCOC all the way. “I remain very much committed to working with SASCOC – indeed we need to stengthen them to see that the Federations are doing their job and that the confederation has the mandate to continue their work.

“Things are on the right track though and the task is now to implement the National Sports plan, coaching framework and more.

“Sport is never perfect but we have to work for the good of what we have committed to. It’s about the future of our youth, our country and to make South African sport something that everyone can be proud of.

“To Rio and beyond we are in a position to achieve a lot. The Federations can function freely and corporations can come aboard for funding because we can’t rely on funding from private sector.

“In closing let me say I have had a fantastic engagement with SASCOC, there is a single mindedness from me to support sport and I look forward to another successful journey with SASCOC.”