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Sodexo To Enhance The Live Experience For Thousands Of Fans During 2020’s Largest Sporting Events

January 30, 2020

After the success of the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019, 2020 will be an outstanding year for Sodexo Sports & Leisure: our teams will be mobilized and part of the success of the biggest international sporting events, from the Super Bowl LIV in Miami to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Tour de France and including several UEFA Euro Games. Sodexo teams will be fielding all their know-how and diversity of services to offer sports lovers multiple and memorable experiences.

Sodexo: unique assets at the service of sports fan

As a recognized partner of the major international sports events, Sodexo offers:

  • A wide range of services from catering for all kind of public spectators to comprehensive hospitality packages covering reception, accommodation, transport, creation of dedicated areas such as fan zones and related activities.
  • Dedicated expert team of 40,000 people across the world, experts for managing international events and facing daily logistical challenges to welcome and serve vast numbers of people so that they all have a memorable experience.
  • The ability to help our clients meeting challenges faced in all major events today such as digital, environmental and social impact as well as the customization of services expected by spectators.

Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, Global CEO Sodexo for Sports & Leisure, explains“2020 will be an exceptional year for Sodexo Sports & Leisure: we are honoured to offer our expertise and services at Top worldwide sporting events, while caring about our environmental impact as well as about our customers’ expectations. By doing so, we help forge exceptional memories that only live events can offer. I am convinced that living these moments of collective joy and live emotion ensures sustainable happiness and positively impacts the quality of life of the greatest number of people.”

Sodexo meets the three major trends impacting all large-scale events in the world today 

Growing demand for customization and multiple expectations

  • In catering, priority given to local tastes and flavours, and multiple choice

For example, at the 2020 Super Bowl in the Hard Rock Stadium:

    • Centerplate, our North American company will showcase local products and recipes inspired by the Hispanic tradition in Miami and its region and always continue to strengthen bonds with 40 local businesses and producers.
    • Vegetarian dishes enter the stadiums – a genuine new feature at sporting events. The Impossible TM Burger (created by Impossible Foods used vegetable-soya protein) will be offered for the first time at the Super Bowl.
  • Very high-end experiences

During the 2020 Super Bowl, all suites at Miami Hard Rock Stadium have the option to purchase premium in-suite catering. Guests can choose from packages (food and beverage) or order a la carte. Every suite will be serviced by a dedicated attendant throughout the game.

  • Tailored hospitality offerings

As an example, at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Sodexo through its subsidiary STH (Sports Travel and Hospitality Japan kk) will be offering the choice of five bespoke hospitality packages, with first class meal experiences and top category seats. The hospitality options range from an informal environment through to first class fine dining with personal service. Comprehensive hospitality will be provided at 15 VIP areas for corporate guests, individuals, sports federations and sponsors. Experience of the Japanese marketplace was developed at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, working in partnership with JTB, Asia and Japan’s, leading travel company.

Of the 15 hospitality venues, six will be specially constructed temporary facilities, such as the prestigious Platinum Pavilion located near the Olympic stadium.

An imperative to reduce the environmental impact of sport events

  • Reducing single-use plastic
  • Sodexo made commitments to phase out single-use plastics at least by 2025, with a focus on prioritizing the highest volume items from its operations in 15 countries, representing close to 70% of the Group revenues.
  • At the Hard Rock Stadium, the aim is to eliminate the 2.8 million pieces of plastic, including 600,000 bottles, used each year. A first step will be taken in a few days, for the Super Bowl, as for the first time, aluminium cups will replace 500,000 plastic ones traditionally used in particular for serving beer.
  • Sodexo has already eliminated significant portion of plastic during the Tour de France for the 1,000 daily guests catering.


  • Fighting food waste
  • Sodexo is committed to reduce food waste from its operation by 50% by 2025. We started the global implementation of WasteWatch, the largest data-driven waste reduction program in the food services industry globally.
    • During sports events, numerous actions have been implemented such as encouraging the composting of foodstuffs and converting waste oils into biofuels, surplus food donations to local Food Rescue missions during the Super Bowl in the USA and to Restos du Coeur in France, during the French Open tennis tournament.
  • Supporting local and small business
    • By 2025, 10 billion euros of Sodexo business value will be benefiting SME’s.
    • And it is in this spirit that, when crafting the catering offer for the Super Bowl, Sodexo chose more than 40 local artisans, purveyors, and restaurants from the south of Florida to have their products featured at Hard Rock Stadium.

Deploying digital to further enhance the experience 

  • Digital makes spectators’ lives easier and helps them focus on the live event: for example, tablets to choose their meals in suites, more flexible options and means of payment via smartphone, on-line ordering applications and including on-site orders by scanning a QR code at one’s seat and the Clear program to check age requirements for alcohol consumption, as well as robots that can make and serve pizzas, ice creams and cocktails.
  • Large-scale Data analysis now allow us to better tailor our offerings along with those of our clients by always improving knowledge of the consumer to improve experience.

Sodexo and major sporting events in 2020

  • The Super Bowl (US)
  • Rolex Masters (Monte Carlo)
  • Roland Garros (French Tennis Open)
  • UEFA EURO (in the UK and in Spain)
  • Tour de France (French bicycle race)
  • Tokyo Olympic Games (Japan)

Euro 2020 Sodexo Super Bowl Tokyo 2020 Tour de France UEFA EURO 2020