Snapchat to Have International HQ in London

January 10, 2017

Image messaging app Snapchat has established its international HQ in London, Snap, the company behind the app, took the decision despite Ireland being a more common International HQ for American technology businesses.

The UK is home to over 10 million daily snapchatters, with Snapchat also boasting a number of British partners and backers.

The UK’s rate of corporate tax currently stands at 20%, 7.5% higher than Ireland but still one of the lowest in Europe.

Over one fifth of Snapchat’s users and many of its biggest advertisers are based in Britain, with Snapchat currently employing 75 UK staff.

Snapchat is estimated to be worth around $20m, having turned down a takeover approach from Facebook in 2013.

Snapchat has become an invaluable sports marketing tool in recent years.