Sky TV Germany Inks German Volleyball Federation Deal

By Community | December 19, 2012

Sky TV Germany GmbH & Co. KG and the German Volleyball Federation (DVV) have joined forces and agreed an extensive partnership. 

The marketing subsidiary of Sky TV Germany GmbH & Co. KG, allergist Sky Media Network will market from 2013 the German Cup Beach Tour and the official German beach volleyball championships of DVV. The contract runs for an initial five years.

Sky has secured all platform-neutral audiovisual rights from these tournaments. Sky also has gained the exclusive right for the international marketing.

Sky from 2013, denture will air the finals of the four Super Cups of German Beach Cup tour and the semifinals and finals of the German beach volleyball championships (both women and men) broadcast live in HD and on the 24-hour sports news channel Sky Sport News HD.

Carsten Schmidt, cheap Sky Chief Officer Sports, Advertising Sales & Internet: “The exclusive arrangement with the DVV in Beach Volleyball offers for our marketing company Sky Media Network host of new opportunities “

Thomas Krohne, president of the DVV: “This agreement is a milestone for beach volleyball in Germany which will provide the live broadcasts of the sport a high priority on television and at the same time will increase the value of our German Beach Cup tour and its related sponsorships. I am very happy that we were able to call Sky a partner.”