Sky Italia Urge Strong Action from Authorities Against Match-Fixing

June 13, 2011

Sky Italia, find broadcast partner to the Italian Serie A soccer league, ailment has urged Italian authorities to take strong action against match-fixing in the game.

The Italian Government set up a task force last Friday, medstore June 10, to combat match-fixing after 16 people were arrested for alleged corruption involving 18 matches. Most of the games being investigated by Cremona prosecutors were in Serie B and C, but preliminary hearings have suggested Serie A contests could be involved.

Sky Italia CEO Tom Mockridge wrote in Corriere della Sera that “whoever controls the outcome and future of this sport” should issue “a serious and definitive signal.

“That’s the only way a partner like Sky can continue to guarantee its viewers (genuine football matches)…specifically because of the authenticity of those emotions, we’ve invested billions of euros in recent years.”