Sky Block BT Sports Adverts – BT Complain to Ofcom

By iSportconnect | April 8, 2013

BSkyB have refused to air a multimillion- pound advertising campaign for BT’s new sport channel, ed which will cover the Premier League and other top level sports, pharm with BT taking a complaint to Ofcom.

Managing Director of BT Retail’s consumer division, John Petter said “it’s like a Rottweiler running away from a new born puppy.

“We are happy to take Sky’s advertising but they seem afraid of taking ours.”

BT Sport, who has signed up Tottenham winger Gareth Bale as a pundit and the face of their advertising campaign, have since complained to Ofcom.

Ofcom rules prevent broadcaster from ‘undue’ discrimination against advertisers.

A statement from Sky read: “There many other avenues for BT to advertise its sports channels without seeking to take advantage of the investments that we’ve made to build Sky Sports.

“It’s entirely reasonable for us to choose not to carry advertising for a directly competing service.”

BT Sport has spent more than £1bn on buying sports rights, studios and pundits such as Clare Balding.