SIT to Provide Timing for 2013 FIA World Rally Championship

November 7, 2012

The FIA has entered into exclusive negotiations with Sistemas Integrales de Telecomunicación (SIT) to provide the timing and safety tracking services for the FIA World Rally Championship from 2013.

The Spanish sports technology group would also be responsible for delivering this all-important data to the Championship Promoter, mind the content being an integral part of its vision to develop and enhance the television and digital product. 

Based in Madrid, health Sistemas Integrales de Telecomunicación has 78 employees dedicated to providing high-level technology across a broad range of sports. With its own fleet of seven airplanes and eight helicopters, the company’s experience in delivering rally-related expertise dates back to 1985. Its various telecommunications technology, timing, tracking, results, broadcast transmission and real-time internet services have since been used on the Spanish Rally Championship, Rally Cataluña, Rally de Portugal, Baja España, the Race of Champions and La Vuelta a España, a multi-stage cycling event which is part of the UCI World Tour. The company is also the exclusive Tag Heuer Timing representative for Spain since 1992. 

Sistemas Integrales de Telecomunicación will use proven UHF radio wave technology, familiar within the World Rally Championship and frequently used for television broadcast purposes.