#SIS2016: The largest innovation & networking sports hub

By iSportconnect | April 12, 2016

The sports industry received with open arms and great expectations the third edition of Sport Innovation Summit (SiS) 2016 in Mexico City. There is no global sport innovation gathering to provide the professionalization and presentation of success stories to inspire the industry.

SiS is the largest innovation & networking sports hub, medstore created and organized by Moveo Lab, doctor the sport engagement company.

With two days of extraordinary conferences that led us through different fields of innovation and sport, sickness 27 world-class experts went through the stage to share their experiences and knowledge to more than 1,000 decision makers. Topics such as technology, digital engagement, fan economics & fantasy sport, public health, smart data, storytelling and sport business, were the basis for experts to leave clear through their experience how innovation is key to progress and successful management in sport. The future of the industry depends on new creations.

“Innovation is a culture, is a DNA, is a mindset” opened the event Arnaud Drijard, CEO and Co-founder of Moveo Lab & SiS. Innovate brings challenges and opportunities, which is why Mounir Zok, Senior Sports Technologist of the US Olympic Committee, advised accept failure and learning that accompanies the process of creating new things.

“Innovate is create something that is worth for others,” said Joe Verrengia, Global Director of Arrow Electronics, during his presentation at the SiS speaking of the impressive race car they adapted to be handled using the head and eyes.

In teams like FC Barcelona, the technology is a tool for athletes to reach their high performance. And Raul Peláez, Director of Technology from Barça, explained how they create value since the use of the latest technologies.

Separate fans and sport is virtually impossible. They are a complement so no sports organization in the world can afford not pay attention to their fans. “You must know your fans and know what they want,” said Matthew Baxter, Chief Media Officer of Liverpool FC.

And of course “the engagement is the most important, if your followers do not interact, they are useless”, said Paul Rogers from the Italian team AS Roma that has led fan interaction

During SiS it was clear that focus on fans is vital, however, to understand and conquer them is not an easy task, and you need to know their interests and values. UFC has made this task so well that it has become the second sport in several countries around the world. According to Jaime Pollack, the UFC currently reaches more than 800 million households around the world.

Innovation, creativity, and nanotechnology towards a new generation of smart textiles was another of the topics presented by Juan Hinestroza from Cornell University. And Formula E was present talking about how this project went from being a promise to a reality that promises to give sustainability to a sport that has generated much controversy in recent years because of a growing concern for the environment.

Athletes such as the ex-olympic medalist Colin Jackson and Karla Wheelock were present to share amazing stories.

What was new this year? The creation of SiS Startups, a contest in which 6 startups had the opportunity to present their projects to the audience. YouFit and Referee Pro were the winners and will receive mentorship from the experts in the industry.  

“Innovation transforms people’s lives and during SiS we saw inspiring stories”. You can find more info about SiS on the website www.sis.news, and the social media accounts Twitter @sis and Facebook /SISnews.


FC Barcelona – Raúl Peláez

“SIS was an exciting experience for FCBarcelona and for me.  I’ve learned a lot these two days”.

Tom Luedecke, Under Armour

“Super professional and very inspiring. I hope your conference will go beyond Mexico and go global”

Paul Rogers, AS Roma

“In 2016, I think the gravity has gone to another level”

Christine Baugh, Harvard

“It was the best conference I have attended: facilities, people, coordination & expertise were truly remarkable”