Singapore’s Multi-Million Dollar Award Programme to be Reviewed in 2015

November 14, 2012

Singapore’s Multi-Million Dollar Award Programme to be Reviewed in 2015

Singapore National Olympic Council’s (SNOC) Multi-Million Dollar Award Programme (MAP) will be reviewed in 2015, after the Southeast Asian Games, according to Lawrence Wong, a Member of the Parliament of Singapore.

Since 1991, a total of US$17.8million has been awarded to Singaporean athletes for winning medals at sporting games under MAP.

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Lawrence Wong, said US$16.7million went to athletes, while US$1.09 million went to National Sports Associations.

The prize money was awarded for a total of 483 medals, including 336 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games medals, 62 Commonwealth Games medals, 82 Asian Games medals and three Olympic Games medals.

MP Nicholas Fang questioned whether the Olympic Council should continue with the programme.

“I think a lot of young athletes these days still view representing the country and winning for Singapore is an honour and reward in and of itself. Front loading the support from the MAP to the training and preparation process will be a more practical way of supporting sports men and associations,” he said.

“It also gives greater assurance to athletes coaches, sports associations and families that the support will be coming in at a very structured way from the start, more akin to giving somebody the petrol to drive from A to B, rather than saying you reach there, I’ll give you the petrol then.”

Wong replied: “It’s something we’ll be happy to discuss with SNOC and with the sports community in general. The member would be aware that there’s a differentiation between what the government funds through the SSC (Singapore Sports Council) and the MAP, which is an agreement between the SNOC and its sponsors, principally the Tote Board and the Singapore Pools, and other private sponsors. The agreement between the SNOC and its partners is subject to review from time to time, I think every four years. And this present agreement would be due for review in 2015 after the SEA Games.”
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