Simon Ellen Secures New Term as Racecourse Media Group Chairman

January 2, 2014

Racecourse Media Group (RMG) have announced that Simon Ellen has been reappointed as Chairman of the media rights organisation for a further four years with effect from December 31. 

RMG is the umbrella organisation for the 34 racecourses which own an interest in Racing UK TV, Turf TV (betting shop service) and GBI Racing (international betting shop service). 

Ellen, a keen racing enthusiast and racehorse owner, joined the RMG Board initially as a director in June 2010, before commencing his chairmanship two years ago. 

Speaking on behalf of all the RMG Non-executive Directors, John Sanderson, said: “We are delighted to announce Simon’s reappointment for a further four years, which reflects continuity and stability, and the high level of confidence that we hold within the RMG group of companies. 

“Through his excellent leadership and guidance, Simon has overseen a terrific period of growth for our business, which delivered £64m to our racecourse shareholders in 2013 and heralded the addition of four new racecourses, including Ascot, which joins RMG in June, 2014. 

“RMG not only delivers significant revenues to all our shareholder racecourses but has also developed into a serious commercial body and a key financial under-pinner for British racing. RMG is clearly evolving into the focal point of media operations, not just for our shareholders, but for the British racing industry.” 

Reappointed RMG Chairman, Simon Ellen, said: “I have been delighted with the company’s progress and am very much looking forward to working with our racecourses, the RMG Board, management team and all the staff in achieving our goals over the next four years. 

“Together, we have developed a very successful media rights business, the benefits of which are channelled directly back into racing for the good of the sport.”