Silverstone aims to be best circuit in the world

By Community | July 7, 2010

Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips is intent on turning the British racecourse into the best circuit in the world, he has revealed.

Silverstone signed a new 17-year contract to host the Formula One British Grand Prix last December after Donington Park failed to secure funding for a major refurbishment .

For this weekend’s British Grand Prix, Silverstone has spent over US$7 million on a new layout, the first reconfiguration of the track since 1991.

Phillips said: “We intend to be the best circuit in the world. We will never compete with Abu Dhabi who have built a hotel that lights up in different ways, which is absolutely fantastic.

“But do we have a better circuit than they do? Yeah, I think we do. Do we have better crowds, better atmosphere? Yes, we’ve all those things.

“So we have something they, and a lot of these emerging circuits around the world, will never have. So if we can perfect our track – I’m not saying we’re absolutely there yet – and everything we do build is cutting edge and really spectacular, then why wouldn’t people think we’re the best in the world?”

Phillips went on: “I would say that in somewhere between three and ten years we would hope to achieve our aim. We’re almost emerging again – a rebirth if you like. We’re trying to cover an awful lot of ground in a short period of time. I wouldn’t pretend we are going to achieve it in anything less than that.”