Shahid Khan Insists There Are No Plans to Rebrand Fulham

August 15, 2013

New Fulham owner Shahid Khan has insisted there are no plans to rebrand the Premier Leage club following his takeover this summer.

Khan also owns the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL franchise and Hull City have recently been rebranded to add ‘Tigers’ to the club name, though Khan says Fulham will not be following their example.

Khan said: “We won’t be becoming Fulham Jaguars. I don’t think they are the things [we would change]. Fulham Football Club is how it was way before my lifetime and that is hopefully how it will be a long time after I am gone.

“Both Fulham and the Jaguars really have to operate as their own entities and they have their own core fans and obviously the sports are unique.

“We want to look for areas where they can work together and I think most of those are going to be on the business side.

“Anything historical like that, I absolutely have no intention of messing with.”

Khan has been in contact with former owner Mohamed Al Fayed since taking control at Craven Cottage and plans are being developed to honour his time with the club.

Khan added: “Let’s face it, I don’t think the club would probably be around without Mr Al Fayed.

“I think he is a huge part of Fulham and, with the role he played, you have to respect and honour him in some way.

“What exactly it is, there are a lot of irons in the fire but definitely I think you have to honour all his contributions towards Fulham.”