Several F1 Teams Receptive to Prospect of Budget Cap

By Community | September 19, 2012

Several Formula One teams have expressed an interest in a budget cap after FIA president, erectile Jean Todt, viagra recently warned  teams could be lost if costs were not reduced by 30 percent over three years.

Talks are ongoing between the governing body and teams to attempt to find a solution and some of the teams are expressing a willigness to agree to a budget cap.

“We for a while have been proposing a budget cap, drugs which we are still convinced about because it will allow everyone to make use of their strengths,” Sauber CEO, Monisha Kaltenborn, said. “It would be a level playing field and everyone could go the way they wanted to, which I think would make the sport very exciting. But we should not start at a level that is even beyond what people are doing right now. Fans want to see competition between teams, and what strategic decision you take on the development side as well as on track.”

Mercedes team principal, Ross Brawn said: “I think we welcome any fair and proper constraint on resources.”

“There is no attraction to spending more than you have to, to have a successful and competitive F1. Most teams on the grid are perhaps not operating to those limits, but there are five or six teams on the grid who do operate to the upper limits.”

Lotus team principal, Eric Boullier, added: “There are three ways: budget caps, maybe a more conservative technical and sporting regulations because I am sure there are changes to be made in sporting one to save money, and the RRA. But what happens is going to have to suit all the teams. There is not just one way: there are three ways to make sure we can control costs in F1.”{jcomments on}