Seattle Seahawks Agree Social Media Monitoring Partnership with Jumbuck

By Community | October 23, 2012

Jumbuck Entertainment, a leader in premium community-building mobile applications, today announced it has made its first inroads into the North American sports and entertainment market with a partnership with the National Football League’s (NFL) Seattle Seahawks.

The agreement will see Jumbuck provide the Seahawks organization with its forensic and real-time monitoring capability to enhance and optimize how the team, its players and Seahawk fans engage through popular social media channels, such as Twitter.

The capability, provided via a monthly subscription model, is delivered through Jumbuck’s unique Monitoring Dashboard, an intuitive and full-featured web-based dashboard that provides comprehensive visibility and control for managing social media activity.

“Direct communication through channels like Twitter presents new challenges in terms of how we protect our brand, as well as that of the league, our advertising and marketing partners, and the coaches and players themselves,” said Rick Ninomiya Director of Security at the Seahawks. “Jumbuck’s solution provides us with a very efficient way to keep our finger on the pulse of the social conversation, and ensure that the appropriate messages are being disseminated. This gives us a new level of branding consistency, but also helps us educate and protect our personnel from the risks inherent in the immediacy and accessibility of social media.”

The Monitoring Dashboard provides a single control point to monitor staff and player social media posts and conversations, issuing alerts based on content and keyword guidelines the team and its personnel agree on. Alerts are flagged within minutes of Twitter activity, and can be sent immediately to multiple accounts for key stakeholders such as management, coaches, communications staff, etc. Detailed reporting capabilities provide the context of the tweet, the time it was posted, and any links or images it included. Complete archiving of posts and conversations is also a part of the solution.

“We are pleased to be taking this first step with the Seahawks to strengthen their social media program. This is also an important milestone for Jumbuck as we establish our offering in the North American market. We anticipate that with this initial engagement we can demonstrate the value our solution can bring to teams and players, which will help drive further expansion in this market,” said Joe Tafoya, US Sales Director at Jumbuck.