Scottish Premiership to Receive £1.5m Payout for Celtic Being in Champions League

August 30, 2013

Celtic, who were drawn in Group H in the Champions League draw, have boosted the financial output of the other Scottish Premiership teams after it was revealed they would receive a £1.5m payout as a result of Celtic’s participation.

The cash, which is a “solidarity payment” from European football’s governing body, will be shared equally between the 11 other clubs in Scotland’s top flight.

As it is not a commercial revenue, the money will not go into the central pot which is shared between all 42 sides under the Scottish Professional Football League banner and distributed based on where a club finishes on the league ladder.

Clubs also shared £1.5m last season as a result of Celtic reaching the group stage, where they faced Barcelona, Benfica and Spartak Moscow.

This year they have been drawn against AC Milan, Ajax and Barcelona.

No additional money is distributed to teams if the participating club reaches the knockout stages.

Celtic will themselves receive a guaranteed £16m from UEFA for their participation in the Champions League groups this season.

That figure could rise depending on their results against AC Milan, Ajax and Barcelona, with £852,000 on offer for each win and £426,000 for a draw.