Schneider Electric Becomes First Ever Title Sponsor of Paris Marathon

February 19, 2013

Schneider Electric and Amaury Sport Organisation have announced today the signing of a partnership for the Paris Marathon, for which Schneider Electric will become the first ever title sponsor.

The start of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon will take place on Sunday 7th April on the Champs Elysées.

By signing for a period of four years with the prestigious Paris Marathon, Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, has joined the circle of major firms that are official sponsors of other major marathons in the world, such as New York, London, Berlin or Chicago.

Boasting 50,000 participants and excellent media coverage, the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is the opportunity for this major global company, with operations in more than 100 countries, to reinforce its image and boost its reputation throughout the world. This event is also a means to further raise awareness of the Schneider Electric brand amongst the general public.

According to Aaron Davis, Schneider Electric’s Chief Marketing Officer: “The mission of Schneider Electric is to help people make the most of their energy, by becoming more efficient, reducing energy waste, fighting against climate change for example, each time carrying out wide-ranging collective actions engaging as many people as possible.

“The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is the perfect platform to emphasize our brand values: care, connect, challenge and commit. We see a unique opportunity to link our brand to the spirit and values embodied by the timeless challenge of the marathon, but with a focus on the people, the technologies and the ability to do things differently. As any student of climate issues can tell you, the race is on and we need to run faster to solve issues that become more acute with each passing day. In the long-term, our ambition is to make the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon the first energy positive race in the world.”

Yann Le Moenner, Managing Director of Amaury Sport Organisation, said: “It makes us both delighted and proud to be able to associate a prestigious brand such as Schneider Electric to one of the world’s biggest marathons. The emerging relationship between our two organisations heralds a partnership with considerable added value, benefiting from the know-how of each of the parties. As regards the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, we are already delighted by the developments that Schneider Electric’s expertise will bring us in many domains”.