SC Freiburg Become Latest Bundesliga Club to Join Solar Power Company

August 16, 2011

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SC Freiburg has joined in the solar energy frenzy after being the latest Bundesliga club to agree a deal with a solar energy company in this case Mage Solar AG.

The German company will support for the current Bundesliga season and will also help with their strategic strategy. The main focus of the partnership, however, is to enhance the public image of Mage Solar, which is headquartered in Ravensburg

Dr Markus Feil, CEO of Mage Solar AG, said: “SC Freiburg is the ideal club to partner with us, as a supplier of photovoltaic-system components, Freiburg is a sustainable, traditional club with a strong environmental commitment, while it is based in the ‘Green City’ which has the most hours of sunshine in Germany. This is an image that fits well with us and our industry.”

Fritz Keller, first chairman of SC Freiburg, added: “With Mage Solar AG we have a sponsor that stands for sound and sustainable management – as does our club. We are proud of this agreement with an international company that shares the unique philosophy which has guided us here in Freiburg for many years.”