Saracens Duo Launch Sport Injury Product Venture

December 18, 2018

Two Saracens rugby players have announced a new business venture targeting sports people who suffer from joint and muscle discomfort or have issues with sleep and anxiety.

George Kruis and Dom Day have launched ‘fourfive cbd’, a line of cannabinoid-based products targeting active professionals.

Since WADA’s policy change in January to remove cbd products from its prohibition list, the cannabinoid is being adopted by athletes of all levels and disciplines due to the benefits they lend to athletes in regular, intensive training.

Day explained: “Sustaining injuries is a common part of any pro-athlete’s experience but is incredibly frustrating since we want to be getting on with the job, as such we are serious about recovering as quickly as possible.

“Injury-induced frustration led me to try cbd – with no set expectations – so I was delighted with the positive effect it had on my rehab. I quickly became a vocal locker-room cbd advocate, which is how George came to try some products out and became an equally passionate fan.”

Fourfive cbd products are available to buy via the company’s website and through social media.