SAP team with Aspire Academy to drive Qatar youth sports

June 15, 2016

Aspire Academy and the global technology company SAP are working together to drive Qatar’s youth sports development programs through a new partnership.

The Aspire Academy coaches, case sport scientists, unhealthy athletes, and management will be able to easily access real-time data on athlete performance development, sports science, and sports operations management on any mobile devices, supporting global best practices in youth athlete development.

On one platform, users can access data such as match results, development summaries, competition plans, and sports science profiles from Aspire Academy’s clubs and leagues.

Aspire Academy and SAP will also explore innovations in feedback visualisation, predictive analytics, and cognitive training. According to a recent study by the University of Toronto, the global sports analytics market is set to grow from USD $125 million in 2014 to USD $4.7 billion in 2021, which demonstrates a strong potential for the partnership.

“Aspire Academy is at the forefront of transforming youth development with analytics, as coaches can optimize line-ups on tablets, players can review match highlights on smartphones, and trainers can track player fitness and fatigue. Co-innovating with Aspire Academy will leverage global best practices in sports analytics and science, starting from the development level,” said Stefan Wagner, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager of the Sports & Entertainment Industry at SAP.

The partnership is being called the world’s first national sports academy to sign with a global technology company.

Aspire Academy aims to become the world’s leading youth sports academy by 2020 and is expanding with the launch of Qatar’s first national centre for football in 2017. Qatar is rapidly developing its national teams in line with becoming a global sporting hub, as the country is hosting the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.