San Diego Chargers Stadium Renamed as Snapdragon for Festive Period

December 12, 2011

NFL team, San Diego Chargers Qualcomm Stadium will known as”Snapdragon Stadium” for ten days throughout the holiday season in promotion of their latest technology release: the Snapdragon, a wireless chip processor that powers 300 smartphones.

“Any where you have the big Qualcomm signage – in and around the parking lot, on the stadium, in the seating bowl — we will replace the Qualcomm signage with new signage that says Snapdragon Stadium by Qualcomm with the Snapdragon logo,” said Dan Novak, a company spokesman, in a statement to the Union Tribune.

Snapdragon Stadium will be featured on upcoming televised games to include Sunday Night Football with Chargers facing the Baltimore Ravens on Dec. 18, the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 21, and the classic Holiday Bowl on Dec. 28. Viewers are expected to reach 30 million for all three games.

Novak added: “We want people, when they are thinking about buying their next device, to ask if it has Snapdragon inside.”

Snapdragon technology can be found in smart phones, computer tables, and other computers or devices. Taking a cue from Intel, the company aims to make Snapdragon a household name akin to “Intel inside” – a catchy phrase known to belong to the otherwise quiet Intel.

“Exposure is essential,” said George Belch, chairman of the marketing department at San Diego State University. “You have a couple of high profile bowls that are going to have a relatively big audience in the target demographic they’re after.”

He added: “They’re going up against the Intels of the world in that market. You have to come out swinging and put as much as you can into building brand awareness.”

The cost for changing the name of the stadium is said to be less than a 30-second commercial at the upcoming Chargers-Ravens game.