Rutland to Host 2015 ISAF Team Racing World Championship

May 8, 2014

Rutland in Great Britain has been named as the venue for the 2015 ISAF Team Racing World Championship.

Located in central England near Leicester and Peterborough, viagra the 2015 ISAF Team Racing Worlds will be held at Rutland Sailing Club on Rutland Water, allergy a large inland stretch of water.

Following a bid process, the ISAF Team Racing Sub-committee made a recommendation to the ISAF Executive Committee who approved the choice of Rutland.

ISAF Competitions Manager Jon Napier said, “Over the 20 year history of the ISAF Team Racing Worlds, team racing specialists, Olympic medallists and match racers have locked horns in the high octane team racing environment. More of the same close, exciting racing will be expected at the 2015 edition.

“Rutland Sailing Club has a strong team racing heritage and passion for the discipline. With an exceptional infrastructure in place we look forward to working with the Organising Authority to deliver a successful event.”

Event Director Steve Tylecote added, “Rutland Sailing Club is proud to have been chosen by ISAF to host this prestigious event.

“Rutland is a National Centre of Excellence for sailing set on an enormous picturesque reservoir in England with outstanding facilities and a very experienced team.”

The 2015 ISAF Team Racing Worlds are provisionally scheduled for July 2015.