Rugby Union Players Association Announce New FX Partner

September 3, 2013

The Rugby Union Players Association Inc. (RUPA) have announced a new relationship with Associated Foreign Exchange Inc. (AFEX) which will see AFEX become the Players’ Choice for Foreign Exchange.

The partnership will allow RUPA member’s access to dedicated Foreign Exchange experts to assist with personal advice and handling of accounts at preferential rates.

AFEX Account Executive, medicine Stephen Hughes, apoplectic commented on the deal: “Rugby is a truly international game and professional contracts can quite often lead players to move oversees. By partnering with RUPA, it will allow us the opportunity to assist Australia’s transitioning rugby players in ensuring the process of exchanging their finances is as seamless as possible.

“AFEX is excited to throw our support behind RUPA and its members. We recognise that different clients often have distinct objectives and expectations when moving money internationally, and we take pride in tailoring our payment and Foreign Exchange services to meet our client’s specific requirements.”

RUPA Player Services and Commercial Operations Manager, Ross Xenos, added: “Rugby’s elite players have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a range of countries and overseas competitions. However with foreign contracts comes the complexity of currency trading and hedging. RUPA’s new relationship with AFEX is about ensuring that our members have access to a leading FX provider in order to most effectively meet their FX needs.

“The volatility of exchange markets over the last few years has shown that making informed and well-timed FX decisions can have a considerable impact on a player’s net position. In the context of a relatively short career as an elite athlete, financially securing yourself and your family for a second career – after rugby – is paramount. That’s a message that we are working hard to communicate to the players with a suite of partners that includes BDO, NAB Private Wealth, and now AFEX, we’re able to offer service benefits to our members that match that message.”

AFEX has over 30 years of Foreign Exchange market experience, and extensive business networks which span the globe making them a perfect fit for RUPA and its members.