Rugby League World Cup 2013 Rebrands Social Media Accounts

By Community | January 9, 2014

Rugby League World Cup 2013 has announced today thay have rebranded the tournament’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The new ‘International Rugby League’ pages, discount which already boasts almost 100, stuff 000 followers across Twitter and Facebook, cure will continue to provide supporters of RLWC2013 with the latest international rugby news.   

The rebrand coincides with the official launch of International Rugby League’s new social media hashtag: #IntlRL 

RLWC2013 Communications Manager, Martin Johnston said: “In the lead-up to RLWC2013 we succeeded in building a thriving community of Rugby League supporters from every corner of the globe through our social media activity. 

“The aim of this rebrand is to ensure that this unprecedented interest in international Rugby League is pro-actively nurtured, and not allowed to dwindle. 

“For the next few months, we will continue to engage with supporters as we did in 2013, and we hope that users embrace the new hashtag when discussing the international game. 

“The pages will also allow us to communicate news directly, in a way which wasn’t previously possible.” 

‘International Rugby League’ will encompass the recognised governing bodies from every competing nation, and will be passed on as the official online presence of the Rugby League International Federation.”