Ruffneck Scarves Continues US Soccer Collaboration

By Community | August 1, 2012

Ruffneck Scarves is the premier soccer scarf manufacturer in America and continues to provide US Soccer fans with team scarves.

Joining up with both the American Outlaws and the US Soccer Supporters club, Ruffneck Scarves has become their official scarf provider.

New members to these clubs will be ingratiated with a few commemorative items, including an official scarf to support the USA National Soccer Team produced by Ruffneck Scarves.

Company President Jeff McIntyre said: “We are both proud and honored to be able to produce scarves for US Soccer supporters that add to the passionate support for our national team. Whether it’s the World Cup or an international friendly, it really give you a sense of pride seeing a scarf that you made being raised in support of your country.”

The company has served US Soccer with pride since its inception in 2007. Ruffneck Scarves has been featured in promotional US Soccer commercials, the recent bid to bring the World Cup back to America for 2018, and in several campaigns that supported the US Men’s National Team in their 2010 World Cup efforts in South Africa.

Ruffneck Scarves continues to be the official supplier of scarves for the MLS and Adidas, providing scarves for season ticket holders to display throughout the year at America’s highest level of competition in the sport.