Rose Bowl to undergo $150 million renovation

October 13, 2010

Pasadena’s American Football stadium the Rose Bowl is set to undergo a US$152 million upgrade, it has been announced.

The Rose Bowl Operating Co. successfully agreed on the plan in a vote last week, and on Monday the Pasadena City Council approved the three-year renovation on the 88-year-old stadium.

It has been reported the upgrades will create around 1,000 jobs and will increase the number of “premium seats” in the stadium from 500 to 2,500. City Council officials have said the renovations will secure the financial future of the stadium.

Councilman Steve Madison said: “Just as our forbearers 80 to 100 years ago invested enormous sums for them to make Pasadena the city it has become in the last century, so too, do we have a historic opportunity to reinvest and ensure that our kids and grandkids have the same amenities.”