Rome Consider 2024 Olympic Games Bid

August 8, 2013

Rome may enter the bidding process for the 2024 Olympic Games according to the head of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).

Italy dropped its bid for the 2020 Games after ex-Prime Minister Mario Monti said the country’s debts and economic problems meant they could not afford an Olympic Games.

However, Giovanni Malago, head of the CONI told Gazzetta dello Sport that ‘anything might happen.’

Referring to Federica Pellegrini’s silver medal at the World Swimming Championships, Malago said: “I did not expect the silver from Frederica…but when she said ‘I’m going’, I realized that anything might happen.”

Malago also suggested the financial issues of the past were not different and said that Finance Minister Fabrizio Saccomanni had said hosting an Olympic Games was possible.