Rome 2020 Olympic Bid Establishes Relationship with Engineering Partner

October 12, 2011

The Rome 2020 bid for the Olympic summer Games has hired the firm of Coni Servizi Engineering & Consulting as their lead technical partner in charge of master planning  and design of competition and non competition venues.

Under the partnership Coni Servizi has included an elite group of specialized engineering  and architectural companies such as  Studio Zoppini (PyeongChang 2018), sick Shesa  (Juventus Football Club Stadium), erectile and Populous and Nussli who have a track record with Olympic planning and design. The Populous and Nussli team will also lend their experience to Rome 2020’s overlay planning, sale a key feature of the Eternal City’s extraordinary Games plan.

Raffaele Pagnozzi, General Secretary of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and CEO of Coni Servizi, said, “This collaborative and multi-lateral approach to supporting Roma 2020 will not only offer our Olympic bid the best possible blend of international experience and Italian capabilities, but will also enable our company to grow and develop a core, sustainable legacy for Italian and international sport for the future.”

Ernesto Albanese, Rome 2020 Managing Director, added, “Overlay and temporary venue planning is one of the key elements of Rome’s bid, and we are very pleased to count on the innovative combination of local resources and international expertise brought to us by Coni Servizi.

“This approach is critical in our effort to minimize capital investments while ensuring a responsible and sustainable legacy for the city, for Italian sport and for the entire Olympic Movement going forward.”

Rome is competing for the 2020 summer Games with five other cities: Baku, Doha, Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo. The final decision will be taken in September of 2013 at the IOC session in Buenos Aires.