Rokform Sponsor Pro Mountain Bike Outfit Team Sho-Air

By Community | March 14, 2012

Rokform, generic a local manufacturer of active-use iPhone accessories, pills has signed on as a sponsor of Team Sho-Air’s 2012 pro mountain bike racing team.

Founded by the owners of Two Brothers Racing, stuff the Santa Ana-based company launched in January 2011 and so feels at home in the powersports industry. 

“We’re excited to bring a world-class Cycling Team like Sho-Air/Specialized together with Rokform,” Vice President of Rokform Jeff Whitten said. “Rokform is proud to associate itself with such a high level cycling team as Sho-Air. The partnership is a perfect blend of innovation, performance and commitment.”

Craig Erion, president of Rokform, said, “It’s great to give back to cycling; a sport that I enjoy on almost a daily basis, being able to partner with Team Sho-Air/Specialized will raise Rokform’s presence in the industry up a notch.”

Team Sho-Air is currently comprised of riders Pua Mata, Ben Bostrom, Eric Bostrom, Lana Atchley, Cody Phillips, Brendon Davids, Manuel Prado, Ty Kady, John Muller and Justin Rosen. The team is set to race at the U.S. Cup Triple Crown West Coast Series and the Rock N’ Road Cyclery Cup West Series throughout California.

“We are excited to have a partner like Rokform whose brand stretches across a broad base that Team Sho-Air/Specialized and its athletes can build on,” said Team Manager Ty Kady. “Surrounding ourselves with world class sponsors such as Rokform has been instrumental to our success now and will continue to be in the future.”

Rokform designs and manufactures products for the iPhone and iPad, including cases, stands, screen protectors, lanyards and other accessories. The Rokbed Fuzion, Rokmeister, Rokpod, Rokgard, and Rokstand are just some of the products available. The Rokmeister involves a sport clip that can be hooked onto the pocket and turn into a bottle opener for multiple purposes. The Rokbed is designed as a functional case with a lock mechanism, slip grip and lanyard with a separate aluminum tripod adapter. The Rokbed Fuzion serves as a protective case and the Rokstand operates as a secure iPhone and iPad stand. Team Sho-Air/Specialized will have the opportunity to test out these products under the sponsorship of Rokform.