Rogge Supports Cricket Bid for Olympic Instatement

June 8, 2011

Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), remains hopeful that cricket will make its entry into the Olympic Games at some point as the Belgian is known to be a huge fan of the sport. 

Rogge said in an interview published in London’s Evening Standard: “The International Cricket Council (ICC) will decide at the end of June whether they will make an application. The incoming president might be interested. We would welcome an application. It’s an important, popular sport and very powerful on television. It’s a sport with a great tradition where mostly you have a respect of the ethics. In the Olympics, it will not be Test cricket, of course.

“Let’s be very clear, I can’t play cricket, but I know the rules. I love the game. I have watched Sachin Tendulkar, Kevin Pietersen, Shane Warne, Ian Botham. It’s tactically very interesting, a game of patience, a game of great skills and the only sport where, after five days, you can have a draw!”