ROC Blasts Calls For Putin London 2012 Ban

January 13, 2012

The vice-president of the ROC (Russian Olympic Committee), Ahmed Bilalov, has responded to the comments made in Parliament this week by former Europe Minister Denis MacShane.

MacShane advised the British Prime Minister David Cameron to inform the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, that he would not be welcomed at the London 2012 Games this summer unless Russia improved its human rights record.

Bilalov has retorted at the official launch of the Team Russia Park in the capital, ROC’s London Olympic residence.

“I’m expecting Mr Putin to be in London. That’s if British MPs don’t mind it.

“I heard the comments made in Parliament by Denis MacShane. I think that at least it’s not very friendly.

“Sport and politics should not mix. That’s why the Moscow Olympics and the Los Angeles Olympics, which had the boycotts, were so disappointing to athletes and sports people.

“I think this is not a serious proposal. I hope the people in Parliament are supporting us”.

The Russian Embassy has also responded to MacShane’s “rude attacks”.

“The provocative behaviour of this parliamentarian and his public statements can only be attributed to poorly disguised lobbying of known interests and personal motives, which apparently have to do with his direct role, as member of the former Labour Governments, in deterioration of Russian-British relationship”.