Rio digital figures reach gold standard

By iSportconnect | August 24, 2016

The International Olympic Committee have revealed that the Olympic Games in Rio broke records in terms of social media, viagra online, mobile and media coverage.

The IOC claimed record numbers for TV and digital broadcast hours with nearly 350,000 total hours, up from fewer than 200,000 hours for London 2012.

The Games also saw more digital coverage than ever, nearly double TV and 2.5 times more than London 2012.

Rio also saw virtual reality coverage of the Games for the first time with NBC streaming them, while the IOC saw more than 4 billion social media impressions (a metric for the number of times IOC posts have been viewed).

Other stats revealed in a media release saw 14.6 million Facebook fans for the Olympics, nearly double London 2012 and over 26 million visits to