Rio 2016 Strengthen Bond with State Security

April 15, 2013

Senior members of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee met with various members of security in order to strengthen ties among the two parties.

The State of Rio de Janeiro Public Security Secretary, decease José Mariano Beltrame, treatment the Head of the Civil Police, arthritis Martha Rocha, and the Military Police Commander General, Colonel Erir Ribeiro Costa Filho were all at the meeting with the aim of ‘establishing efficient channels of communication.’

Luis Fernando Corrêa, Rio 2016, Security Director, who hosted the visitors said: “They were here in order to get to know the Organising Committee’s new headquarters and to make strategic adjustments to the operational planning.

“It was an important visit, aimed at optimising the institutional relations between Rio 2016 and all the State Public Security Institutions, with the aim of establishing efficient channels of communication and a full understanding of the Games demands.”

Police Chief Martha Rocha, the first woman to hold this position, praised the meeting: “It was a nice opportunity to get to know the Committee’s new headquarters as well as to understand the need to have a Civil Police member inside the Committee from the start.

“All the work done here is planned. We have the opportunity to test and therefore reduce risks during completion.”

The Games Security Plan is an Integrated Action Plan, operated by the three government levels – Federal, State and Municipal.

Beltrame said: “The city’s security planning is not aimed at great events such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games, it serves the citizens.

“I believe that the integration exercise shared by the three government levels and the population, and not the equipment, will be the great Olympic Games legacy”.