Rio 2016 Ready to Take the Olympics Mantle

By Community | September 10, 2012

Following the end of the London 2012 Paralympic Games which were considered a massive success, Rio 2016 are hoping to follow in the footsteps and stage an impressive games.

The London 2012 Paralympics have reportedly broken all records, with 2.7 million tickets sold and more than $70 million raised in ticket sales, unprecedented in the 52-year history of the Paralympics.

The Games were broadcast in more than 100 countries.

British Prime Minister David Cameron called it “a golden summer of British sport”.

Now it’s on to Rio. Leonardo Gryner, head of Rio 2016 said, “we go home back to Rio soon with renewed energy to bring Brazilian joyfulness to the Games and transform the city and the country. We will ensure the great work here in London to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and the great sport of the Paralympic Games will continue in Rio.

Gryner praised London 2012 organizers, promising to learn from the lessons of the last seven years. He said: “London has done it right for both Games, we have to build upon your success because this was very well delivered. We have been learning with you for a long time, our teams have been talking for over a year and already we have learnt a lot.

“What will be different in Rio is our way of doing things, we will add our cultural heritage and that will be our contribution to the movement”.